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Notion Jul 30, 2021

Yes, now let's begin.

Keep Synced ;)

1. Share content from other pages

If you have content on any other page in your Notion workspace, you can easily sync it in within your current Notion space for quick and easy reference.

Link to the study template within my Notion workspace

2. Access & update your task list from anywhere

You can make use of the Alfred app on your Mac to automatically insert saved text snippets.

3. Share the same database views throughout your workspace

Let us assume that you want to add your weekly tasks list to another page and sync the content so that you won't have to change it again and again. In this case, make use of Synced Blocks!

  1. Go to the task list you want to sync within your current page and turn it into a synced block.
Select and turn into synced block

2. After your task list is converted into a synced block, click on Copy and Sync.

Click on Copy and Sync

3. Go the current page where you wish to add this synced task list and select synced block using the '/' button.

Generating a Synced Block to sync in the task list from another page

4. After your Synced Block is generated - Paste the link in step - 2 into this block.

Paste the link into this Synced Block

5. Viola! Your task list is synced and ready for action :D

Here's your Synced Block !

4. Consolidate discussions from throughout your workspace

If there's a meeting and you want to consolidate all of the notes and discussions that's going on inside the online meet session, you can simply sync everybody's contribution by syncing their text interaction

Keeping important texts and action synced

Work away, Sailor!

Enjoying your Synced Block experience? Well, there's more than just blocks and blogs. You can choose from our range of free and premium templates here.


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