How To Embed A Google Sheet Into A Notion Page

Notion Jul 27, 2021

Notion is a great content aggregation tool, allowing users to add a mass of different content types into a Notion page. Many of these content types are native to Notion, like Boards, Lists, Tables, Video and Audio, Calendars, Linked Databases, and more.

The cool thing is, Notion has the ability to embed content from other third-party services into a Notion page as well. Hell, you can even embed the weather!

Some of the services supported by Notion include Twitter, Google Maps, Google Drive, Figma, Loom, Typeform, GitsHub Gists, Framer, Invision, CodePen, etc.

Embedding a Google Sheet into Notion

Step 1. Open Notion, then create a new page or open an existing one.

Step 2. Type "/google", a menu will appear as shown below.

Step 3. Click on Google Drive.

Step 4. You will get two options - "Embed Link" and "Browse Google Drive", as shown below.

Step 5. Click on "Browse Google Drive" and the following will appear:

Step 6. All you have to do now is select the Google Sheets file you want to embed and then click on "Select".

Step 7. Your Google sheet will be embedded into the Notion page.

Now, you can use it to your convenience!

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