Adding Eisenhower Matrix using If Statement Notion

Notion Jun 15, 2021
If - Else is actually pretty easy but remarkably useful

Hey! So today’s article will be a smaller one, dealing with the If statement’s property that allows you to insert conditions. Let’s see how it’s done.

Let’s see - suppose you wanted to add an Eisenhower matrix to your Notion database, that goes something like -

The original Eisenhower Matrix
This formula simply says that if the number of days left is <7 then urgent, otherwise not urgent

It will look neater if you add another formula that creates a checkbox if the task status is changed to "Done" with the following formula:

Tasks tracked using Eisenhower Matrix
As and when the task is completed, show it as 'Done' in the visible region 

Use this formula :

If your task has been completed, then say nothing but if the deadline is fast approaching, say urgent in accordance with the number of days left (ie. <7)
Changes accomplished using the given formula

This formula will add a condition to the urgency formula that would leave the cell empty if the task was completed.


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