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Notion Jul 30, 2021

Let's create a formula for working with dates and then make that shit bop.

You can create a formula so only the date with the selected status is appearing in the calendar.

A little bit of something that you might expect

Suppose that you are a content creator and want to schedule dates in your calendar so you separate them by the names - 'Plan', 'shooting', and 'editing'.

if(prop("Status") == "Plan", prop("Plan"), if(prop("Status") == "Shooting", prop("Shooting"), if(prop("Status") == "Editing", prop("Editing"), now())))
Suppose you use a plan like this

The problem that you'll face with a code like this is that if you add no status it will show the now() date and most of the items won't have a status.

So, if you would like to keep it empty and don't want it to appear on the calendar, keep on reading ;)

Step 1:

Create a new column duplicating Plan, Shooting or Editing.

Step 2:

Rename it to "Nothing".

Step 3:

Right click and hide that column.

Step 4:

Add an extra line to your formula:

if(prop("Status") == "", prop("Nothing")

Step 5:

In the calendar view add a Filter "Where > Status - Is not empty"

When you have followed all of these steps correctly, you'll be able to design a formula so only the date with the selected status is appearing in the calendar.

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I'm happy - happy - happy ;D


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