How to create subtasks in notion

Notion Jul 8, 2023

As you know notion is advancing day by day πŸ“‰, it just released a new feature that enables you to create sub tasks & dependencies. Now you can break out any task or project into smaller tasks δ·ͺ and can even allow one task to be dependent on other. πŸͺœ

Subtasks in Notion is a straightforward process that allows you to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps allowing you to make a detailed & more clear project plan ⚑️. This helpful property allows you to identify potential roadblocks πŸ›‘. To create subtasks in Notion, follow these simple steps πŸ‘‡ :


Open Notion: Launch the Notion app πŸš€ on your device or access it through your web browser.


Choose a database: Select the page & database you want to create sub tasks in. βœ…


Create Sub Tasks: To create sub tasks in the database click on 3 dots located in the upper-right corner & Select "Sub-item" 🌱. After selecting ☝️ Sub-items as ON a "+New sub-item" button will appear under every parent task.

➑️ {This will create relations between parent & sub-items within the database.}


Add Sub-Tasks: Click on "+ New sub-item!" And enter the sub tasks for the respective parent element. ⚑️

➑️ {You can also create sub-tasks for any sub task.}


From now you don't have to create different databases for your projects or tasks just create sub tasks & save time ⏰.

I hope this article was easy to understand and you may liked it! Now you can use the above mentioned process to create sub tasks easily. ✨

If you're still a bit confused πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ, no need to worry! Just head over to our Notion Tutorials section πŸ“½ and have a look at the video tutorial on the same to clear any confusion and master the process, Watch now. Β Additionally, stay updated on new features by following us on Twitter 🐦 for daily updates.


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