Slash Command: A Superpower in notion

Slash Command Apr 22, 2023

Notion is technologically advancing day by day but most of its power πŸ’ͺ🏻 still lies in a widely used slash command. A Slash command is a command that is entered into a text field by putting a forward slash (/) before it.

Slash commands increase πŸ“ˆ one's efficiency while using notion as you can perform certain actions in a few seconds⌚ & put certain type of content just by typing a shortcut command into your documents.

Here are several examples of " slash commands (/) " that you can use in Notion:-

  • /today : Inserts the present-day date.
  • /remind: Sets a reminder for a particular date and time.
  • /image: Inserts an image.
  • /color: Changes the color of the selected text block or page.
  • /code: Formats the selected text as code / Inserts a code block.
  • /quote: Formats the selected text as a quote.
  • /bullet: Adds a bullet point to the current list.
  • /number: Adds a numbered point to the current list.
  • /hr: Puts a horizontal line.
  • /list: Create bulleted, numbered, toggle or a to-do list.
  • /export: Exports the current page or database as a PDF, Markdown, or CSV file.
  • /import: Imports a file into the current page or database.
  • /sort: Sorts the contents of a database.

To use these commands simply type the command & press ENTER ⌨. Slash commands is a convenient & efficient method to carry out many specific actions πŸ“Š. They can buy you time & does not demand any effort in comparison to doing the same actions with a menu options πŸ“ or mouse πŸ–±. Β 


In conclusion, slash commands are a powerful feature πŸ’« of Notion that allow users to quickly access and manipulate their data without the need to navigate 🧭 through menus or click multiple buttons. You can find a full list πŸ“ƒ of available slash commands in Notion by typing "/" into a text field and then selecting the "Slash commands" option from the menu that appears or type / and then press the Tab key. For better understanding of every command, Have a look πŸ‘€ at this page.


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