How-To: Full-Page Width as Default Notion Page Width

Notion Jun 30, 2021
Let's make Notion more productive!

While using your Notion workspace on your browser, you must’ve wondered if there was a way to change the default page width to Full-Width. These methods will work only if you are using the browser to access Notion!

Without taking much of your time, here are the two ways you can do so for your own Notion Templates:

Method - 1

  1. Get the stylish Extension from the Google Playstore.
  2. Now, via this neat little CSS code:
Use this code with the extension to have the Full Page Width

This will make sure that all your pages in your Notion Workspace follow the Full-Width criteria.

Method - 2

If you wanna save any extra efforts from that minimal coding, we got you:

  1. Install the Notion Boost and add it to your browser extension.
Notion Boost Extension is free for Google Chrome

  1. Once set up, click on the top right and select the tweak that you would like to do to your Notion workspace.
You will see a toggle box to toggle default page view as Full-Width

Now, this is some great advice BUT - you would certainly want to visit our blog posts for more information to make your Notion experience a whole lot better.

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Priya Srivastava

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