5 Notion Templates to Boost Productivity in 2022

Productivity Oct 4, 2022

As you know to be productive in life 🧬 one has to adopt the path of improvement and have to walk πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Β on it forever.

It's quite easy to adopt but strenuous to walk on it but the introduction of the notion has proved a game changer πŸ‘‘ as it provides a clean workflow/interface and numerous features that can take your productivity to the next level ⏫.

Here is the list of Top notion templates to boost your productivity:-

1. Productivity Tracker

Notion template to be productive | Productivity tracker
" PRODUCTIVITY TRACKER " Be 10βœ– more productive

Productivity Tracker makes you 10x more productive. With this notion template never miss track of time for doing a task. Organize, maintain your daily goals, and journal to establish disciple in your life & workplace. All these things are in a single dashboard so it's exceptionally easy to use.

Who is it for?

  • Students
  • Hustlers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Productivity Enthusiasts

2. Second Brain 🧠

Notion template to be productive | Second brain | Productivity template
" SECOND BRAIN " Capture & Organize everything

β€œYour brain is great for having ideas, not for storing them.” Turn your notion into an all-in-one productivity tool with this Second Brain. Capture everything in one place. Maximize your return on attention & give rise to your innovational output through a process of PARA. Using the PARA method and database relation everything can be organized & interlinked.

PARA Method:-

PARA method is the backbone of the second brain and stands for Projects, Areas, Resources & Archives. Put a piece of digital information in one of these categories & make use of 4 categories filling system across all.

3. All in one GTD notion template πŸ‚

Notion template to be productive | All in one GTD | Productivity template
" ALL IN ONE GTD " Get things done easily

Start your day with utter serenity & get your tasks sorted out with this ultimate, All In One GTD notion template. Ever feel like your tasks are becoming mind-boggling, then this notion template is right for you. Take control of all your tasks with the automated organization on selected tables and on the calendar. See the collection of your tasks in one place!

With this template abolish the requirement of Notion Study & Productivity Tracker as well as a Digital Daily Notion Academic Planner

4. Flowtime Technique Dashboard 🌊

Notion template to be productive | Flowtime technique Dashboard | Productivity template
" FLOWTIME TECHNIQUE DASHBOARD " Focus & Learn about your behavior

The Flowtime technique is a productivity modus operandi that stresses unitasking rather than multitasking. This notion template purposely makes you hold fast to a single task as long as you need to do it. Step foot into a whole new state of "flow" with this Simple Flow Time Technique dashboard, mapped out to let you completely concentrate and immerse in your work.

What's inside this dashboard?

  • The Flowtime Dashboard
  • Automated work time calculator
  • Save & Track your tasks
  • Integrated timer widget

Get Flow Technique Dashboard here.

5. Advanced Personal Notion Template- Secondary Brown πŸ‘€

  Advanced personal notion template| Productivity template
" ADVANCED PERSONAL TEMPLATE " Skyrocket your self-growth journey

Advanced Personal Notion Template places you streets ahead in your Self-Growth journey. Experience an advanced custom-coded system & have your life in one place. Make you leave with more time with much more advanced synced databases than the regular templates. This notion template track your goals, finances, and journaling, with recurring tasks and workout sessions. Comes with a GTD page, a Goals Page, Home Page, Finance Page, Health & Fitness Page, Habit Tracker, Journal Page & more. New Task Button to quickly add your new tasks.

Benefits of this template-

  • Save you hours.
  • Track almost everything.
  • Get Daily progress when you're reaching your goals
  • Now don't worry about setting Recurring tasks or workout sessions each week Β till you Click an inbox button
  • Databases to remind you of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks with ongoing projects and to save your contacts.


Use these notion templates πŸ“œ for almost anything that you would want to do in Notion. There's no limit to how well organized ⌚ you can become with the help of templates on Prototion. We have templates for almost everything, have a look at different Tracking templates to track almost anything in life. You'll also find templates for methods πŸ”£ that you never thought of using Notion for to stay productive.



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