7-Steps to manage school life with notion

Student Life Jul 7, 2023

Managing school life 📚 can be a challenging task, especially with the numerous assignments, exams, projects, and extracurricular activities. However, with the right tools 🛠 and strategies, you can stay organized and productive throughout your academic journey 💯. Notion, a versatile productivity app, offers a powerful platform to manage your school life 👩‍🎓 effectively. In this blog post, we'll explore how to utilize Notion to streamline your school life and maximize your productivity.

1. Create a Master Dashboard:

The first step to managing your school life with Notion is to create a master dashboard 🎯. This dashboard will serve as your central hub, containing all the essential information and resources 🗃 you need for school. You can include sections for your daily routine, assignments, exam dates, and important deadlines. Additionally, consider adding a to-do list or a Kanban board to track your tasks and progress.

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Master Dashboard

2. Organize Your Class Notes:

Taking organized and comprehensive class notes is crucial for effective studying and revision 💯. With Notion, you can create a dedicated section for each course or subject, allowing you to keep your notes 📝 in one place. Utilize different templates or create your own structure to suit your learning style. Notion's flexibility allows you to embed multimedia, such as images 🩻 or videos 📹, to enhance your notes further.

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Notes & Courses Tracker

3. Track Assignments and Deadlines:

Managing assignments and deadlines can be overwhelming, but Notion can simplify the process. Create a dedicated section for assignments and categorize them based on their due dates or subjects. ✨ Set reminders or deadlines for each task to stay on track. You can also utilize the gallery or calendar 📆 view in Notion to get a visual 👀 representation of your assignments and due dates.

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Assignments Tracker with Deadlines

4. Collaborate and Share Resources:

Notion excels in collaboration, making it ideal for group projects 🗂 or study groups. You can create shared pages or databases where you 👤 and your peers 👥 can collaborate on assignments, share resources, and communicate efficiently ☎️. This ensures everyone is on the same page and encourages seamless teamwork. 💪

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Communication & Collaboration Hub

5. Implement a Productivity System:

Notion's flexibility allows you to integrate 🔃 popular productivity systems such as the Pomodoro Technique ⏳ or Eisenhower Matrix. You can create custom databases or tables to track your progress, set goals, and prioritize tasks. Experiment with different systems 🔥 to find what works best for you and optimize your productivity.

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Student Brain Productivity System

6. Reflect and Evaluate:

Regularly reflecting on your progress and evaluating your goals is crucial for personal growth 📉. Create a dedicated section in Notion to track your achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. Use this space to set new goals, ⚽️ identify areas for improvement, and celebrate 🎉 your accomplishments.

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Personal Development

7. Utilize Notion Templates:

Prototion provides a wide array ⚡️ of notion templates designed specifically for students. Take advantage of these pre-built templates for class schedules, exam planners, project management, and more. These templates can save you time ⏰ and effort, and you can customize them to fit your unique needs.

Notion Template for Students | Student OS
Student's Notion Template


Notion is a powerful tool 🧰 that can revolutionize the way you manage your school life 🧑‍🎓. By leveraging its versatile features, you can create a well-structured and organized system that helps you stay on top 🔝 of your assignments, deadlines, and overall academic journey. Experiment with different setups and find the workflow that works best for you. With Notion as your ally, you can take control of your school life and excel in your studies.💯

To help you take control of your life & save time we have created a Student Brain 🧠 notion template for you all.
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