5 Templates To Be Good At Planning

Planning Apr 14, 2023

As you know, Planning helps in flawlessly carrying out things and tasks. With Proper Planning one can easily climb the stairs πŸ“ˆ of success as it plays a pivotal part in every human being's life.

Planning everything effectively & extraordinarily isn't always possible. It can be tricky, time-consuming, βŒ› Β and even costly at times. There are a lot of apps for the purpose but notion stands ahead of everyone. You can easily & effectively plan anything on your own as it offers a variety of notion templates πŸ“œ and bundles.

So here below are 5 notion templates to help you plan every step of life πŸ‘‡ Β 

Daily Planner πŸ“Š

Daily Planner plans your whole day in uncomplicated & effective way. This notion template structures ⚑ your day better as it has easy-to-use links and databases. Save anything and check it off.

Notion template for planning | Daily Planner
" Daily Planner " :- Severin Schuetz

What's Inside?

βœ… Tasks Time-plan

βœ… Highlights

βœ… Tasks Todo

βœ… Habits tracker

βœ… Goals tracker

All-You-Need Personal Organization Workplace ⚑

An all-in-one notion template to make you organized at a whole new level 🎚. This Personal organization workspace carries various subpages πŸ“„ for scheduling things, managing savings and income streams,πŸ’° learning languages, planning workouts, πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ and more. In addition it also transforms you personally & spiritually as it contains multiple segments [vision board, book tracker, gratitude journal, etc.] dedicated to your growth.

Notion template for planning | All-you-need Personal Organization Workspace
" All-You-Need Personal Organization Workplace " :- Larakatharina-Schmitt

Benefits of template:-

🎭 Makes you organize your whole life without having to switch between multiple platforms or mediums.

🎭 Allows you to streamline your daily and long-term activities

🎭 Maximizes your productivity, growth as well as happiness.

Magical Notion Wedding Planner ✨

A notion wedding planner template that you will be needing for different events, be it meetings, parties, weddings, & more. Stay organized during the planning of weddings or any events. Keep track πŸ“ of guests, budgets, and vendors. With this template have everything in one place. Add images, videos, audio, and links. πŸ”—

Notion template for planning | Magical notion wedding planner
Magical Notion Wedding Planner ✨ :-  Sophie Muenzer

What can this planner help you with?

✨ Steps for a wonderful wedding are laid out for you.

✨ It includes a concrete timeline with checklists of steps you need to take before the big day.

✨ You can easily adapt it to your needs by adding contacts and meeting notes from your conversations with vendors.

✨ Add direct links to Spotify playlists, Youtube videos & websites from your caterers, DJs, crew, etc.

✨ Distribute tasks and share information among people if there are a large number of people organizing the event.

Stoic Life Calendar πŸ“†

A simple and lightweight stoic calendar template made in vanilla Notion with no slow addons or plugins, that integrates weekly mortality πŸ“† reminders directly into your digital space. You tick off one week after another as long as you live. 🧬 In return, you'll get a weekly visual reminder of how much time βŒ› you've actually spent already, and how little is actually left.

Notion template for planning | Stoic life calendar
" Stoic Life Calendar " :- Pascio Notion 

How to Customize Calendar?

➑ Easily adjust the size of the calendar to your screen.

➑ Adjust the length of rows to your liking.

➑ Use colors instead of black and white.

πŸ”Ά FUN FACT πŸ”Ά:- This template is gleaned from 2000-year-old Stoic principle of Memento Mori; remembering death.

Agenda Template πŸƒ

A freelancer work management template as it takes care of all your meetings by scheduling & planning πŸ“† them in an elementary manner.

Notion template for planning | Agenda template
" Agenda Template " :- Magdalena Buskies

What this template do?

  • Schedule, plan & manage all your meetings, appointments, and client calls.
  • Keeps track of all your deadlines in a view of your choice.

Get notion template here.


Overall, Notion templates are a valuable tool for planning and organizing. They offer a customizable and flexible solution for managing tasks and achieving goals. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, Notion templates can help you streamline your planning process and achieve success. Have a look πŸ‘€ at our full collection of Notion templates for Planning.

One can take over the world with the power of planning things in a right way.

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