5 Templates for Task management

Task management Oct 4, 2022

As you know, to be productive in life one has to be good at managing their everyday tasks. It can be a bit hectic 😵 to be productive and precise in task management all day long.

But now after the introduction of notion, it has become a cakewalk 🍥 to do so. As notion, itself kicked off 🪁 as a productivity tool and it has been one step ahead of mobile 📱 & desktop 💻 applications because it has made management a child's play.

Here is a list of 5 notion templates 📜 to help you out through your day with good task management.

1) Task Manager 📝

Notion template for task management | Task manager

A simple notion dashboard 📄 that makes you manage your monthly, daily, and weekly tasks in one place, assign tasks to projects; and keep track of your activities.

Cool Feature ✨

It uses the new database features to give the dashboard a clean, simple, and minimal look.

2) Advanced GTD - Getting Things Done Buddy - Original Creamy 🔏

Notion template for task management | Advanced GTD buddy

Advanced GTD Buddy ✅ is an ultra-modern system that uses the notion API facilitating it with features like sync & automation. Get your tasks done in an effective way with recurring tasks 🔁 and projects.

Benefits 🔅

➖ Better task management with reoccurring tasks.

➖ Save time.

➖ Better control of completing tasks and projects.


Notion template for Task management | Plantilla | Aesthetic task manager

An aesthetic Task and Hobbies Manager containing 10+ Pages to help you manage your life. List of 10 pages are:-  🎖 Principal, 📚 Books review, 💰 Money, 🎙 Podcast review, 🥘 Learn to cook, ✨ New ability, 🌱 Self-care, 💪🏼 Side hustle, 📱 Social media, ✈️ Travel guides.

Not just a Notion Template but an Aesthetic Productivity system.

4) "Today" Task Manager 🔥

Notion template for Task management | " TODAY " Task manager
" TODAY " Task manager

A lesson from Atomic Habits is, “You do not rise 📈 to the level of your goals. You fall 📉 to the level of your system.” Today is a smart & simple task list system in notion to help you get clear and get organized.

What's Inside 👀?

  • Today / Overdue section
  • Tasks database
  • Upcoming Week Section
  • Upcoming Month Section
  • Near Future Section
  • Tasks Catalog Section
  • Reference & Instructions

5) Notionable Tasks Hub 🖊

Notion template for Task management | Notionable Task manger

Task hub is a sturdy notion template made on elements of GTD and Eisenhower Matrix principles to provide you with an integrated system for scheduling tasks 📆, hitting goals 🎯, and forming new habits.

👦 You can use it to track:-

🔸 Your goals and projects.

🔸 Recurring tasks, backlog tasks, and achievements.

🔸 Your habits, Tasks Hub uses a clever structure to link these different things.


When you start managing your tasks 📃 you will have a better understanding of where you are spending your time ⌛. Life/Time management is all about task management. Check out more notion templates for better task management and to boost productivity .

Hope this article was helpful for you. Read about more notion features & other Top templates on Prototion blogs 📖


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